Administración Portuaria Integral de Guaymas

Areas of navigation

The Port of Guaymas has an infrastructure that allows different safe navigation of large vessels, with an access channel ciaboga docks and mooring positions are maintained and frequently dredged to keep them in top condition.

Port Equipment

Port of Guaymas account with different equipment to make the maneuvers and port operations in yards and on board the ship.

Terminals and facilities

Terminals and Facilities of the Puerto de Guaymas

Maritime signaling

Puerto de Guaymas has the following maritime signaling:

Investment projects

For the provision of Port services, the Puerto de Guaymas has the following terminals and assigns:

Protection and docking

Thanks to the geographical characteristics of the port of Guaymas is a port with navigation areas naturally protected by the Bird Island and Punta Baja, the port does not require protection works such as breakwaters, seawalls or other protective infrastructure .