Port Activity

At Port of Guaymas our main commitment is to provide safely and efficiently the port services of handling cargo, fiscal storage and logistics in the management of exterior commerce, attending our clients needs through a system of continuous improvement.

The Port has a specialized facility for handling grains with a capacity of 68,000 tons of storage and a row of 72 silos, railroad scale weighing auto-transport and laboratory. It is managed with a significant experience in exports and imports of products such as:

• Wheat

• Oats

• Sorghum

• Corn

• Carthamus

• And other Oleaginous

With the purpose of maintaining the required productivity of the clients there is a specialized team for the handling of containers inside the patios and during their loading and unloading there is also a specialized team to simultaneously operate up to six ships.

Tho Port of Guaymas has the capacity of maritime Terminal facility with all of the services, offering its clients guaranteed productivity independent of the conditions of the equipment of the vessels themselves.

The Port renders quality services in the handling of goods as well as having the necessary infrastructure for their fast and efficient mobilization.

It also offers quality standards and protection codes for vessels and port facilities with the ISPS Certification, all issued by the General Coordination of Ports and Merchant Marine, as well as the ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and Clean Industry Certifications.

Considering the significance of Security, it includes closed circuit cameras inside its facilities to guarantee the guarding of goods. In addition, there is a specialized and professional security body for surveillance.

Nowadays, Guaymas bets on new business opportunities such as containers, vehicles and tourist cruises.