Administración Portuaria Integral de Guaymas

API supports Casa Hogar Rancho San Humberto child

A lot of food, materials and cash, donated the staff and management of the Port of Guaymas (API) to the house "Kid’s Rancho San Humberto". Essential items, food, hygiene products, clothing and financial donation, were delivered on behalf of the 24 children housed in that home, whose executives appreciated the gesture to the benefactors themselves.

It was the Port Director Ing. Edmundo Chávez Méndez with his wife Mrs. Miriam Tellechea Chavez who made delivery of the donation in kind and cash to Mother Superior Josefina.

The religious, grateful for the visit of the staff from The Port, said assisting is always possible and it’s enough if you just want to do it, so I urge you to either by the company or personally would support the ranch to meet the illusion, hope and dream of every one of the children housed there. Electricity, Gas, Fuel and maintenance costs and the importance to attend children medically are the highest costs to be covered in the kid’s Ranch San Humberto, she said.

As part of the Program Bonding Port-City, the head of the Port of Guaymas, Edmundo Chavez Mendez cited that in the coming days would be in contact with the Board to analyze each needs and in team with the port community to contribute more the noble task to be fulfilled in the protection of minors. The event was accompanied by Ing. Edmundo Chávez Méndez, Area Managers, Deputy Managers and general Staff of the Port.