Administración Portuaria Integral de Guaymas

Who We are

The API´S was created in 1994; in 2000 the New Mexican Ports are practically consolidated.

In brief time, have gone from being subsidized and inefficient ports to centers high-performance businesses are able to offer exporters and importers, quality services, competitive and international standards.

The Port System handles a wide range of products of export and import to and from Europe, Asia, Africa and other countries in America: Containers, petroleum, chemicals and petrochemicals, cement, steel, automobiles, agricultural and mineral bulk, salt, sulfur, etc.

Easier said, but the API´S are functions ensure that an adequate supply of services, timely, quality and internationally competitive prices.

To support and encourage the participation of exporters and importers in international trades flows and make more effectively to the markets of production and consummation, through the development of multimodal transports services. Also, construct new infrastructure under the criteria of economic and social profitability, promote the entry of operators with advanced technology and conducive the growth and diversification of business activities and tourist ports.

API Guaymas